Impacting Business Performance with L&D Data

Webinar on demand

Do you ever wonder whether your learning and development efforts are making a measurable impact on your business?

When we say measurable impact, we are talking about data. Data that can include how learning interventions, programmes or academies improve sales numbers, reduce deviances in production, or improve employee well-being.

Obviously, there are many variables in those equations, but it’s certainly possible to prove strong correlations between deploying training and seeing the objectives materialise in business performance.

When introducing the use of data in your L&D, you can reap the benefits of these analyses to determine the efficiency of your offerings – and tackle employee engagement. With strong ties to marketing practices, you can start targeting employee audiences much better with the use of data to make sure the right people get the right learning interventions.

Watch this webinar with Peter Manniche Riber, Head of Learning & Analytics at Novo Nordisk, and Jari Järvelä, Chief Visionary Officer at Valamis, to learn:

  • How to introduce the use of data in L&D practices
  • How to correlate business data with learning data
  • How to apply A/B testing in design and communication
  • How to use marketing practices to create engagement with data
  • Plus, learn from tangible examples and results, including successes and mistakes along the journey!

Recorded: 28th of February 2023
Duration: 1h


Peter Manniche Riber

Head of Learning & Analytics at Novo Nordisk

Peter Manniche Riber heads up Digital Learning & Analytics for Novo Nordisk. He has been working with digital learning for more than 10 years and has a strong devotion to L&D and how to make it accountable with data and engaging people with just-in-time learning interventions through marketing practices. Peter is passionate about how learning interventions should take departures in business opportunities or challenges and improving people’s work life and experience.


Jari Jarvela

Jari Järvelä

Chief Visionary Officer

+358 50 564 3101

Jari has 20 years of work experience in the field of digital learning, and he has a deep understanding of both the challenges and advantages it brings. Due to his background as a Master of Education (M.Ed.), he has seen many sides of corporate learning—from training and helping teachers to understanding how digitalization can be utilized as part of learning processes, and even renewing large private and public sector organizations’ learning strategies and solutions. Jari is a co-founder of Valamis LXP (Learning Experience Platform) and has been closely involved in its product development since, which he is currently leading.