Leading with Data in L&D


Learning data is collected from an individual’s learning actions, behavior, and context. In order to make learning analysis and the measurement of learning impact on business possible, learning data should be brought together with behavioral data, HR data, talent data, performance metrics and business data. The insights that stem from combining these sources, require analytical skills and cross-department collaboration.

According to a study by Learning Analysts at Towards Maturity, 51% [of L&D professionals] say they cannot use data effectively due to L&D lacking in-house data skills. Despite L&D investing in technology, the data that technology collects is not being fully utilized to improve both performance and experience. Moreover, learning leaders need to find ways to connect their work to the company’s strategic objectives.

Leveraging data to make decisions about learning can help optimize your time, money, and efforts as well as be an influential tool when discussing with stakeholders. Join this webinar with Lori-Niles Hoffman and Amanda Nolen, Co-Founders of NilesNolen, and Jari Järvelä, Chief Visionary Officer at Valamis,  and you will learn:

  • Where do you start with data?
  • What can your data show you?
  • The most valuable metrics in L&D and when to use them
  • How can you correlate performance with learning data?
  • Actionable steps L&D managers and leaders can take to develop data-driven learning.

Recorded: 18th of October 2022
Duration: 1 hour


Lori Niles-Hofmann

Senior Learning Transformation Strategist, NilesNolen

Lori Niles-Hofmann is a learning strategist with L&D experience in international banking, management consulting and marketing, with employers including Scotiabank and KPMG. Lori is a recognized and influential speaker at learning conferences, especially on championing the use of data in learning decision-making and is the author of Data-Driven Learning Design. Lori co-founded NilesNolen, a bespoke learning agency helping organizations with large-scale digital learning transformations.


Amanda Nolen

Co-Founder, NilesNolen

Amanda Nolen is changing the way global organizations use Learning and Development (L&D) to upskill the corporate workforce and boost business results. As co-founder of learning transformation consultancy NilesNolen, Amanda helps turn L&D into a strategic business driver through the right mix of strategy, technology, people and content. 
Born in the United States but based in Spain for over two decades, Amanda has a mixed background in learning, business development and sales. A connector of people, trends and ideas, she acts as trusted adviser to CLOs, EdTech companies and investors worldwide and is also 100% fluent in English and Spanish (including tapas & wine!) She is also the author of a recent LinkedIn Learning course on 'The Future of Workplace Learning' and faculty at IE Business School.