Maximising the Value of L&D: Leveraging Data and Analytics to Demonstrate ROI


Why should you learn about maximising the value of L&D?

As learning and development specialists, we understand the importance of investing in employee growth and development in today’s fast-paced business environments. However, it can often be challenging to justify these investments to stakeholders and decision-makers who prioritise the bottom line.

So how do you measure the return on investment (ROI) for these programmes? How do you know if your training initiatives are truly making a difference and contributing to your bottom line?

That’s where data comes in. By collecting and analysing data on employee performance, engagement, and retention, you can unlock the impact of your learning and development strategies on your organisation’s success. In this webinar, David Perring, Director of Research, Fosway Group, and Daniel Mills, Valamis Senior Learning Consultant, explore the importance of proving the ROI of L&D initiatives, and how data can be used to demonstrate its value.

What will you take away from this webinar?

  • The importance of data-driven decision making in learning and development for organisations
  • The key metrics to track and measure in order to understand the value of L&D programmes
  • How to engage stakeholders to maximise L&D’s focus and impact
  • How to analyse and interpret the data collected to demonstrate the impact of your learning strategies
  • Strategies for communicating your data findings and L&D ROI to stakeholders and decision-makers

Who should watch this webinar?

Whether you’re a learning and development professional, a manager, or an executive looking to maximise the impact of your L&D initiatives, watch this enlightening session and discover how to prove the ROI of your programs with data.

Recorded: 25th of May 2023

Duration: 1 hour


Daniel Mills

Senior Learning Consultant with Valamis

Daniel is a Learning & Development professional with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and retail catering environment. He has helped organisations move away from traditional paper and classroom-based development methods to online blended solutions, using technology as the enabler for learning. Supporting key stakeholders to launch online learning solutions successfully in the UK and internationally, Daniel has enhanced many existing development frameworks. Currently, Daniel is a Senior Learning Consultant for Valamis.


David Perring

Director of Research, Fosway Group

David has been a learning professional for over 30 years. Over that time, he has always been at the forefront of learning innovation and has retained a strong sense of optimism, energy and passion for transforming organizational learning and performance.
Today, he holds a truly unique and privileged position. As Director of Research for Fosway Group, he independently explores the experiences of practitioners and suppliers to understand the realities of what’s happening in corporate learning, what’s inspiring change and what truly makes a difference.